“CMBuilders provided us with an excellent service and gave us an attractive, well-designed, high quality new home. Their attention to detail was impressive, and they were very responsive to our needs. The building work was executed to a high standard of workmanship, and came in well within budget.

We would certainly recommend CMBuilders to anyone looking to have a new modern home built as they will provide an excellent design, a prompt and timely service, and will give you the home of your dreams.”


Harold Insley
Head of Environmental Services
Scott Wilson Hongkong

“We saw CMBuilders’ work while visiting our lot and we’ve seen the progress of the construction of our neighbor’s house, we have observed it to be fast and very orderly. Even my two architect friends had remarked that CMBuilders, from their observations is very good and professional.

Our working experience with CMBuilders went smoothly. The contractor and his people proved to be very professional and trustworthy. We believe that one of the best quality of contractors is that they should be trustworthy.

Actually we have been telling our friends and those asking who built our house that if ever they intend to renovate or construct their houses they should try CMBuilders”

Honorable Atty. Ronette Franco
City Councilor, Majority Floor Leader
Taguig City

“For any project, one has to consider the capability of the Contractor if they can deliver expectations and having seen one of their completed project, it is more than enough to award them the contract.

It was worth the wait to complete the project. Completion was ahead of scheduled time yet was able to deliver a very nice house. Every part of the house was perfectly done, even to its smallest detail.

I would really vouch for CMBuilders , as I am doing now because I know the company performs well and unlike other contractors, after the turn-over of the project their responsibility ended already. But with CMBuilders, they still have the after sale construction service…. they see to it that everything is fine and entertain concerns if any. And most of all the relationships that has been built between us, the client and the Engineer in- charge was perfect. The Engineer was really hands-on with his project.”

Carmelita Mallari
Accounting Manager
Jan Owen Martin Construction Corp

“We had very limited budget but CMBuilders was able to work within what we can afford and yet they were able to build us a nice modern house and they used high-end, good quality materials. Their rates are very affordable, and even offered us flexible terms of payment. They took care of everything, even the processing of permits. Their workers are very polite and they were very professional to deal with. I am very happy to have worked with CMBuilders, everything went perfect and I am now a proud home owner.”

Mahalia Zamorro
Account Officer
Metrobank Card Corporation

“With CM Builders, they’re able to visualize the designs that we want in our office and execute/build them exactly how they presented it. It was very easy to coordinate with their team and they provide regular updates on how things were going with our office renovation. They followed the timelines set and we were able to move in back to our newly renovated office in time for our normal operations. It was so easy working with CM Builders and the output was really impressive. The outcome of our renovation justified the cost of our investment!”

Joyce de los Santos
DBWizards, Inc Operations

“I was searching for a reliable contractor thru the internet and I found CMBuilders, they responded promptly to all my inquiries. I was very impressed with their professionalism. You can really see that they put utmost attention to their clients.”

“I checked the previous projects of CMBuilders and I noticed a trademark in their construction works. Compared with others, quality is very evident in their work and you’ll notice that the littlest details were perfectly done. What stood out was CMBuilders will not sacrifice quality for the sake of meeting your budget or getting the project. They have set a high quality standard while trying to balance the budget of their clients, explaining pros and cons and options carefully.”

“Their team is very competent. The quality of their work is also very consistent. Being out of the country, I had to choose carefully who to trust for our dream home. Coordination with CMBuilders was a breeze. They were organized, the arrangement was perfect starting from the signing of the contract, to the actual construction and hand over. I felt very comfortable and secure. They were very transparent during the coordination. The schedule of progress report is perfect and you will literally see the development in every stage even if you are not there at the site physically. I never had a problem with CMBuilders during the construction phase. They delivered on what they committed and more. CMBuilders exceeded my expectations.”

“I will absolutely get CMBuilders again if I have the chance and without a doubt recommend to others needing a contractor they can trust. Their performance is excellent. I am very lucky to have found and chosen CMBuilders.”

Mr. Lope Arcebuche
United Arab Emirates

“We were searching for a house contractor when we chanced upon CMBuilders on the internet. After presenting the desired plan and sketch of our house to different construction companies, we found CMBuiler’s offer for the material and labor cost more reasonable and fair. And not only that, when we visited their projects being constructed we were impressed with the structural and architectural designs of their projects.”

“We were very satisfied because they are transparent and accommodating. Their engineers and supervisors onsite were hands on and cooperative, they were very easy to talk to. Because both my wife and I are working, we coordinated thru email and phone. We meet them onsite to see the progress of our house construction. We never really had to worry because we know CMBuilders delivers on their commitment. We will highly recommend them to relatives and friends. If you are busy and does not have the time to monitor progress constantly, get CMBuilders. You will be assured of quality construction and a beautiful home. ”

Dr. Jervis Yu

“Building a home is every family’s dream. With high hopes and hard work, this dream can be realized, but not without taking risks. Hearing cautionary tales from friends and colleagues who invested in home construction, it took us quite a while before we started building our own. We wanted to entrust our lifetime savings to a construction company that is trustworthy, reliable, competent, and easy to deal with. Luckily, we chanced upon CM Builders, Inc. After careful assessment of the quality of ongoing projects, track record, and even the way the manager and the team dealt with us, we are now thankful that we engaged their services.

They managed to meet our high expectations, given our family’s attention to detail. The team handled all the preliminaries such as permits; and was very receptive in discussing all aspects of the house, from technical features, to design concepts, and selection of materials. They were also able to work around our limited budget. This is why we can attest to the efficiency of the company’s workmanship. The construction team was able to deliver an impressive house that is now regarded by our friends (and us!) as well-executed, beautiful, and above all, worry-free!
We highly recommend CM Builders, Inc. to our friends and colleagues who are planning to build their own dream house!”

Ricky Manzanilla (government organization)
and Digna Manzanilla (International NGO)
Los Baños, Laguna

“After years of meticulous planning, our family has decided that we are finally ready to build our dream home. We started searching for potential contractors via Internet and we were able to come across CMBuilders. We immediately gave them a call and we were delighted by how we were entertained by the man we were talking to on the phone. He immediately offered to meet us up so we can discuss what are we hoping for our dream home. I immediately shared to my wife that we can meet anytime with CMBuilders to discuss. She was a bit hesitant at first because she had the experience of talking to an arrogant contractor. Nevertheless she agreed to give it a shot. We went to one of the houses that is due for turn over so that we could picture how our dream home would look like. My wife, without hesitations this time, told me that we have found the contractor that we have been looking for a long time. And so at the same first meeting we agreed that he draft the layout and that we will get them as our contractor.

We didn’t know that house construction is as horrifying as those that we have heard from our relatives and friends. Everything went okay. My wife, who was 2 months pregnant when the house started, didn’t even have any trouble dealing with the construction issues. We are given timely updates and the engineer personally attends to every single detail. The whole process finished like a breeze.

Since I have to leave the country days after the construction started, updates were provided to me by my wife. I appreciate that the engineer sends me update via email as well. Everything is fully coordinated.

Everyone who gets to see our house commended that it was indeed a worthwhile investment. The house was constructed not just of gravel,sand and stones but of trust and reliability. We never even felt bothered that our dream home will not be a success. Definitely, this team is worth recommending. And Yes, we will not risk our next investment if not in the hands of CMBuilders – the company that builds home and trust.”

Mr. & Mrs. Jazon Asenci
Parco Village Subdivision
Muntinlupa City

” We would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest thanks to the CMBuilders team for building our dream home.

The wonderful elegance of design and the superb quality of work truly showed in every part of the house. It is spacious but comfortable and cozy at the same time. We appreciate how the team valued our inputs and suggestions and exerted effort to address all issues to our full satisfaction.

Seeing the completed project – which we now call “home” – led us to realize that we indeed made the right decision in entrusting the building of our home to CMBuilders.

Thank you so much.”

Engr. Jonathan Perfecto & Atty. Vanessa Torno

“We found out about CMBuilders through its informative and user-friendly website. We spent a lot of time searching online for engineers, contractors and residential construction firms. We found out very quickly that CMBuilders is one of the very few firms with an excellent online presence. They have good information on the process of building a house along with photos of recent projects. It’s easy to contact the General Manager, Engr. Lachica, for questions and to schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your building plans and needs.

We had several choices of construction firms to consider when we first started the process of selecting who would build our dream house. After extensive research and comparisons among these firms, it was an easy decision to choose CMBuilders. After our consultation meeting with Engr. Lachica, we were convinced that he was the best choice for building our house. He provided a comprehensive package of information describing the entire building process with cost estimates. Engr. Lachica can provide you with several examples of floor plans, but we knew exactly what we wanted our dream house to look like. We had designed our own house using an online application called MagicPlan. We worked with Engr. Lachica to turn that plan into the final blueprint for our house. He suggested some improvements to our original plan, and the resulting floor plan was just perfect. We could not be happier with how our house turned out.

From our first meeting with Engr. Lachica until the turnover of our new house, we had a very rewarding experience working with CMBuilders. Buying a lot and building a new house is a very big step for any family. It can be a complicated and very anxious time for first-time homeowners. But do not worry, Engr. Lachica has been there and done that. My friend Bong will walk you through the many steps needed to build your home in his calm, concise and completely professional manner. He takes the time to fully explain everything his firm does. He is always on call, answering our calls and text messages quickly and completely. He is constantly thinking about how he can improve on the house you are building. His attention to detail is amazing. That is very hard to find in business today. We were very pleased at how easy it was to work with CMBuilders, and how good the result was for us.

Coordinating activities with CMBuilders was easy and very convenient. Everyone is busy these days, so it is nice to have a firm like CMBuilders be able to coordinate time schedules with the client foremost in mind. Engr. Lachica worked with us to make sure event schedules and meeting times fit within our plans and timelines. He made regular, scheduled visits to the worksite so that we could meet with him and ask questions or get more information, as needed. This part of the building process was a great relief for us, since we could always count on having him available when we needed to ask a question. It gave us peace of mind during our house construction.

If we ever build another house, we will definetely use CMBuilders to construct it. There is no doubt about that. CMBuilders are true professionals who deliver a high quality project at a reasonable price that is sure to meet your needs. We were so happy with the process and the result that we have already recommended CMBuilders to others. In fact, a young family drove by our house and admired it so much that they stopped and asked me if it was okay to view the house. I showed them our dream house, they loved it, they scheduled a meeting with Engr. Lachica, and made a deal to start construction on their own new house! I am sure they will be as pleased as we are with CMBuilders.”

David and Lorna Porter

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Bong and his team. Weekly updates and the fact he was always available to address any questions we had was vital for us and he didn’t disappoint.

Quality of end product was great. His workers were fantastic in terms of manners, productivity and workmanship.

Truly one of the best contractors/ builders I have worked with granted we have built in Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and Sri Lanka.

Not to mention the build was done remotely as we lived in HK at the time of build”

Mr. Joel Stewart

“CM Builders is the epitome of excellence in the field of building modern-design residences as evidenced by their utmost integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and consistency. Their strength lies on their commitment to go above and beyond their client’s expectations.

The company kept its promise at the beginning of the project: worry-free and hassle-free services. They were well-organized on all stages: planning, signing of the contract, actual construction, hand-over, and follow-up. The weekly progress report, which was comprehensive, enabled me to be on track, despite being overseas, with the working team. Their attention to details was awesome.

I was deeply satisfied as I looked at the completed house after the turn-over. Overall, it looked attractive. Its design was consistent with the plan and well-suited for the cozy, spacious atmosphere I wanted it to have: the combined, wide space in the living and dining rooms evokes a feeling of continuity and freedom, where kids are free to move about; the veranda makes it a haven to reflect and brush off the stress from a day’s work; the corner windows in the bedrooms provide a larger view of the greenery outside; and the strategic position of the family area is ideal for prayer & fun moments.

The General Manager, Engr. Bong Lachica, was always on top of the project, prompt and very kind in responding to clarifications and requests. I appreciate Engr. Lachica’s flexibility to some plan modifications in the middle of the project as he and his team could afford. He was very attentive to my suggestions, down to the smallest details, and exhausted all means possible to accommodate my ideas. He made sure that only the top-notch materials were chosen for our house.

His team was very efficient, finishing the project ahead of schedule without compromising the quality of the output. His men, who were friendly & trustworthy, had to report even on holidays just to hasten the project.

We definitely highly recommend CM Builders to would-be home owners.”

Angel Gumiran Bassig

United Arab Emirates

1. How did you find out about CMBuilders?

We started by getting referrals from friends and family who had actual business with the prospective contractors. In particular, we learned of CMBuilders through the referral of my niece who recently had their house construction project.

2. Why did you choose CMBuilders? Were there other options?

We did initial checks mostly through the internet. These consist of reading through the reviews and viewing the pictures of actual projects. In the case of CMBuilders, checking the house and conducting interviews were easy and convenient, with my niece being the owner.

Our plan is to have the architectural design of the house first. We were not rushing to the actual construction and wanted to get the design that we want. We had some initial discussions with Eng Bong Lachica regarding their design and construction options and found out that they’re quite flexible in terms of project approach.

We ended up with 3 short-listed firms and it was quite easy from there to choose CMBuilders.

3. How was your experience working with them?

We had a very positive experience working with CMBuilders based on many project aspects.

A. Comunication with them is timely, which is critical in construction projects. Eng Bong is always helpful and ready to answer our queries. Technical engineering terms are well explained for customers.

B. The project was delivered based on expected timeline with regular updates.

C. The construction workers are hard-working, respectful and highly skilled.

D. The build quality is very good – structurally and asthetically.

E. Post implementation support is excellent. Working relationship with the assigned project team is excellent too. Project lead (Engr. Bong) was able to manage and monitor all the tasks effectively, he recommends based on standards and is considerate of customer’s requests.

4. Considering that you are working, how was the coordination?

Coordination was timely and in most cases, text messages are adequate. These coordination can range from project milestones, day-to-day inquiries, manpower availability, document processing and procurement. In our case, we supplied the finishing materials which would require more time on our part – for selection, canvassing and actual procurement. We did experience some timing problems at first but eventually adapted as the project moved on.

5. If given the chance will you get CMBuilders again or recommend CMBuilders? Why or why not?

Yes, we’ll definitely engage them if ever we have an opportunity for another construction project. We will also highly recommend them to those who will ask for referrals.

Anonymous Home Owner
Tierra Nueva, Alabang

After interviewing two contractors who did not pass my standards, I asked someone who has some knowledge in the construction industry if he could refer to me several good and reputable building contractors, whom I could select from. The house will be the first “real” house for me and my family, so I was quite anxious to choose a contractor who will do the job right and hopefully will not cause me any headache.

My source gave me three names. I additionally asked my source: If I were to interview only one of his recommended contractors, who would it be? He readily said that it would be Engr. Bong Lachica because he believes that Engr. Lachica and his team (a) would deliver the best workmanship, (b) are the most professional, and (c) have been proven to strictly adhere to the rules of the developer/homeowners’ association.

I eventually chose CM Builders as our house contractor because:

(a) from our first communications and meetings, Engr. Bong Lachica– the General Manager and engineer-in-charge– had always responded promptly. And, to me, being responsive indicates good work ethics and a good sense of responsibility.

(b) at the outset, Engr. Bong asked me about my preferred specifications for the house (e.g., type of flooring, countertop, window), which was not done by the other contractors I previously interviewed.

(c) Engr. Bong satisfactorily answered all my questions regarding the building of our house.

(d) in our early meetings, Engr. Bong spotted a flaw in the design of the house that, if implemented, would have spoiled the open concept that I have envisioned (the design of the house was done by an architect whom I had commissioned before my search for a house contractor).

(e) Engr. Bong gave us a proposal that, although slightly higher in pricing than the other contractors I have talked to, is the most detailed (showing quantity per item, unit cost, labor cost per item, project management cost, type and/or brand of materials to be used, among others), so I know exactly what I would be getting and could check with the various retailers how the items look like and whether the costing is reasonable (we did some checks and found the proposal fair and reasonable). In contrast, the other contractors gave me slightly lower quotes but with general work description, so I was not quite sure what I would be getting for the price.

(f) Engr. Bong showed us one of their ongoing projects, which I thought looked satisfactory.

(g) I contacted other clients of CM Builders, and got what I could only describe as rave reviews from them. One of them (who turned out to be a would-be neighbor) even said that based on his experience, Engr. Bong “takes great pride in doing a good job, so he really does worry about the details and getting it done right. That professionalism, attention to detail, and pride in craftsmanship is extremely difficult to find today”, and that he and his family “were just lucky to have picked Bong from the multitude of contractors out there.” This buttressed my initial impression of Engr. Bong.

“Working with CM Builders was smooth and easy. Engr. Bong and his team were professional, competent and helpful, and easy to deal with. I could honestly say that not only did Engr. Bong manage not to give me headaches, he was also able to make the process of building our house a pleasant and enjoyable journey. There were, of course, a few hiccups along the line, which either I or he spotted (mostly arising from some oversights in the house design that was done by another), but we always managed to resolve these quickly and to our satisfaction, and were even able to make some good design calls out of the oversights.”

“Engr. Bong would visit the site several times a week, which is a good opportunity for us to tour the house with him, check the progress, and ask him questions or make some requests. As I was busy with work or would be out of the country, I communicated with Engr. Bong during my absence through my sister, or by email, SMS or calls. It was easy to communicate with him and he never failed to respond promptly (even after office hours or on weekends).”

“I have a condition that made it difficult for me to climb staircases unless it’s completely done and designed in a certain way, and since the complete installation of our staircase was scheduled at the latter part of the construction, I have resigned myself to not seeing the second floor of the house until the house is near-completion (and to base any calls or decisions that have to be made on the second floor on videos or photos). But Engr. Bong was able to devise a way for me to actually reach and tour the second floor every time I visit, with the help of his team. For this thoughtful act above and beyond the call of duty, I am grateful.”

“I must have been an extremely taxing client because I am picky and discriminating and a bit capricious, had several design changes, and had requested for several additional work on a whim, but Engr. Bong had been very patient and accommodating. He went to great lengths to make sure I’m happy with the result and to complete the job as I like.”

“Despite all the changes and additions, we were able to move in the house only 10 days behind the original schedule, and in good time for Christmas (which was my deadliest deadline). The end result is a house that is of very high quality and extremely pleasing aesthetically. The feedback had been overwhelming—I had visitors on different occasions remarked that it’s a house fit to be featured in movies, or that the house has a “beach resort” feel. As for me, I am just amazed to wake up every day and find my vision of our family home came to life, and even exceeding my expectations. “

“I could genuinely say that choosing Engr. Bong and his team to build our house is the best decision that I could have made. Of course, with any new construction, there are always a few snags. But a text or call to Engr. Bong and he and his team respond immediately and in full force to fix them, true to the warranty that CM Builders provides for their work. And I think that this is the best trait of Engr. Bong—he really is trustworthy. In the months that I dealt with him, I found him to be honest and transparent, and he takes full responsibility for the work. He indeed really cares about doing the job right and would go to great lengths to make sure the client is happy with it. With all the scary tales that I hear about contractors during my early search, I had dreaded making a choice with the amount of money involved and our family home at stake. I am extremely thankful that we have selected Engr. Bong for the job. “

“I would definitely highly recommend CM Builders to anyone, and will have them in mind for any future real estate development. In fact, I already have an agreement in principle with Engr. Bong on a next project, and I expect to have the same peace of mind when this is being done.”

Atty. Te-An A. Tibayan
Partner, Makati Law Firm